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Sacramento Deputy Fires Gun at Suspect

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SACRAMENTO, CA – During an encounter Sunday evening with a suspect in Orangevale, a deputy opened fired. However, no one was shot in the process. As a result, the suspect was arrested following the altercation.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, because of the incident, numerous law enforcement officials swarmed the 6800 block of Woodmore Oaks.

Apart from this, reports state that as two deputies approached the home, a suspect armed with a gun exited.

In a tweet issued by the Sheriff’s Office, authorities confirmed the deputy fired at the suspect in fear that he would shoot him or his partner first. In addition to this, authorities also tweeted that no one had been struck by the gunfire, and that the suspect’s gun had been recovered at the scene.

Furthermore, one deputy received minor injuries sustained during a fight with the suspect and was therefore hospitalized. However, it is still unclear whether this deputy was the same one who fired at the suspect.

It should be noted that the identity of the suspect has not been disclosed. Also, the reason police were called to Woodmore Oaks in the first place was not made clear either.

Additionally, no other details have been released yet.

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