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New City Gate Transformed from a Historic Train Depot

You are currently viewing New City Gate Transformed from a Historic Train Depot
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New city gate will rise from thirty-one acres of land surrounding the historic train depot. It could in fact change the way people experience travel and the city itself.

New City – Depot as a Gateway

This will take place at Sacramento Valley Historic Train Depot. It is ensconced near downtown Sacramento, Old Sacramento, the riverfront, and railyards. This land is around the historic depot and it’s about to go through a transformational process. The expansive transformation is where various concepts of traveling, working, living, playing, and learning will come together. Thereby, establish the depot as a gateway into the city for residents and travelers respectively.

Beyond a Train Station

The project manager for the Sacramento Valley Station plan, Gregory Taylor, says when he looks at the site, he sees far more than a train station in the future.

“However, that is the main purpose, but it is really more than that,” he said. Moreover, it’s a community of residents and people that go through Sacramento that does in fact provide a destination. What is a living space for residents, that is a short-term stay for people staying at hotel. Also visiting Sacramento as well as office users. In fact, what is really going on is to be a full community as well as ample park space and recreation…”

New City: Multi-Modal Hub

The Sacramento Valley Station Plan, at its core, that incorporates the historic station. Thus creating a multi-modal hub for transportation. Moreover, this mean there were will be intuitive access to light rail, buses, trains, walking paths and biking paths.

Moving Away from Automobiles

“The plan is to work together and geared toward creating a whole kind of societal change of trying to more away from the total dependence on automobiles. Therefore, give people a choice of other ways that are considered efficient. Then valuable for their lives. This is to move around the state and their county,” Taylor said.

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