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BMW M4 Special Edition is Lighter, Meaner, and More Hardcore

You are currently viewing BMW M4 Special Edition is Lighter, Meaner, and More Hardcore
BMW M4 Special Edition is a Lighter, Meaner, and More Hardcore.
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The BMW division is already celebrating its 50th birthday which is coming up next year. Therefore, the question is how many ways is the M going to do so? This group has, in fact, gone and already launching what is calling the first-ever M3 Touring station wagon. It is for international markets. There is a preview that is showing of the M’s first standalone product in the XM Concept SUV. The M shoppers will soon have access to 50 new exterior paint finishes and plus what has unveiled a special 50 Jahre logo.

BMW M4 with Several Options

Also, there is an M4 CSL that is coming for the 2023 model year, too. In fact, there is a very special limiting edition M4 that is going to be producing for just a few months that starting on November 22nd. Moreover, it will mostly be configuring like the CSL. It has a manual transmission, plus many options (including comfort access, parking sensors, electric seats) also deleted. There will be forged wheels off G81.

M4 CSL for Manual Transmission

In fact, what this car does sound like is an even lighter, leaner harder-core M4 CSL for the manual transmission diehards. Also for a more constricted production run than the M4 CSL’s anticipating 1,000 or so units. In fact, that is just what is educating guessing that is based on the shared information. Therefore, the only concrete information would be the forged wheels. The BMW does presently sells for the M3 and M4.

The M4 CSL is going to roll on the firmer ground which has been spotted testing in Europe. The vehicle does appear to be a very aggressive aero package with a large splitter. It was new intakes that do flank the lower fascia that is under the signature large nostrils.

Moreover, a ducktail spoiler that does hold things down in the back. There are unique headlights and rocker extensions. In addition, to plus a lot of carbon fiber bits that are presuming to live under the camouflage.

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