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COVID-19 Cases Top State Average With 80,000 Death Count

You are currently viewing COVID-19 Cases Top State Average With 80,000 Death Count
Corona Virus Cases and Death
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COVID-19 deaths in California in Sacramento have topped 80,000. Then another 3,000 people are projecting to die by the month’s end. This is as infections, hospitalizations, and intensive care are, in fact, falling almost as fast as they do climb during the rapid-fire Omicron wave of the pandemic.

COVID-19 Death Toll

According to the data collected by John Hopkins University, the toll did reach 80,688 on Friday.

Moreover, it is the highest in the U.S., but the nation’s most populous state does have a per capita death rate. It is among the lowest at 38th. Texas has only a few hundred fewer deaths than California. However, it has 10 million fewer residents. Therefore it has a higher per capita rate.

“There is a grim reminder of the real human toll of this pandemic which is a milestone,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan. She did urge Californians to get vaccinating and then boosting.

On Thursday, another 220 deaths in California were reported. Also, the state’s forecasting models did show the death toll to the top at 83,600 by the end of February. Yet, despite the grim tally, there are, in fact, other indicators that are showing California is really past the peak of the latest and most infectious wave.

More than 3,300 from their peak of 15,435, the state hospitalizations have fallen. This was two weeks ago. It was, in fact, well below the all-time high of close to 22,000 in January 2021.

Also, there are fewer than 2,300 intensive care patients. It is down 300 cases from 10 days ago. It was less than half the January 2021 number.

“In fact, we have definitely passed the peak. Now, we are seeing a downward trend in the numbers. Yet we are not out of the woods yet,” Sacramento County health officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye said.

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