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Customer Reviews

customer reviews

Like any business, we are happy to get feedback from our clients. Hearing from you is very important to us. It shows us what we have succeeded at, and what we have to improve to make our customers happier. That is why we are always glad to receive customer reviews.

You can find our reviews on various independent websites and see what our clients think about our Sacramento Car Transport services. Also, feel free to leave us a review if you want. Your opinion is very important to us!

Here you can see some of the Customer Reviews our clients have left us:

Monica B.

It has been a great experience shipping with Sacramento Transport! My BMW was transported from New York to Sacramento in no time, and my car arrived in great condition, thanks to their amazing enclosed car shipping services. I’m in Sacramento for school, but when I’ll be heading back home, I will totally contact Sacramento Car Transport to ship for me again!

Mary G.

I am fully satisfied with the quality of services Sacramento Car Transport has provided me. The only thing is that my Mercedes Benz arrived a bit dusty, but I knew it could happen because I’d chosen open auto shipping. But apart from that, amazing customer service + delivery right on time. I would recommend Sacramento Car Transport to anyone who needs to ship a vehicle.

Frank T.

Until the very last moment, I was hesitant if I should ship my Volvo or drive it. I don’t regret my decision to ship with Sacramento Car Transport, as it was probably the best thing to do. Transportation went smooth. I was given a 4-day window when to expect the delivery and my car really got home on one of those days. If I ever need to ship again, I’ll use Sacramento Car Transport.