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The Capital City

Washington D.C.

Sacramento to Washington
Washington is the capital of the United States of America and the federal district. It has an estimated population of 697,012. The city has a motto as “Justice for All”. This city has an exceptional collection of museums, monuments, and memorials. The Capitol, Washington Monument, White House and Lincoln Memorial are famous around the world as icons of a strong and wealthy nation. Also, city’s districts play an important role and are well-known as well. There are districts such as the Downtown, the West, The North Central East and the Suburbs. For instance, Downtown is in the center but it has its own areas.

The National Mall – the national park which is in the center of the city. The white monumental building of the U.S. Capitol surrounds the park. Also. This area is home to many free museums, theaters, and memorials.

East End – Downtown’s cultural center, with the theater district. There are many tourist attractions such as The Capital One Area and Chinatown.

West End – the business district, which includes the White House and George Washington University.

The West district is the most elegant and wealthy one. Comparatively, the trendiest neighborhoods are in the North Central. To sum up, Washington is a very developed city with all its attractions, and that’s why it is the capital of the United States.

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