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“The City of Champions”

Boston, MA

Sacramento to Boston
Boston is the largest city in New England, the capital of the state of Massachusetts and the most populous one. The city gets 13.6 million visitors in a year. It is one of the most wealthy, influential and, also, historic cities in the United States. The area’s many universities and colleges make Boston an international center of higher education. Its economic base also includes business services, finance, government activities and biotechnology. Boston is a city of great intellectual potential as well. Sports develop very fast, and city’s nickname, “The City of Champions”, surely, refers to the recent streak of dominance in the sport.

When to visit?

This area is unpredictable and becomes very cold. Most tourists usually visit the city in summer, from late May through late September. The weather is ideal for this season and most of the attractions are open. When having a trip in summer, there are some beaches that are surely safe for swimming, thanks to the Boston Harbor Cleanup project. An interesting fact to know, it does no matter how warm is outside, the ocean’s water will not be warm.

Although Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, it does not stop to be the fastest growing and developing the city.

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