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Enclosed Auto Transport

There are two ways to ship a vehicle – Open Car Shipping and Enclosed Auto Transport. Open Car Shipping is one of the most popular methods of car moving. It is totally safe and really affordable at the same time. Many people use it to ship personal and commercial vehicles, and it is also popular with car manufacturers. But for some vehicles, there is a better choice. For instance, when you need to ship a luxury or sports car, you want premium kind of shipping service. And this kind is called Enclosed Car Transport.

When you choose to ship enclosed, your car will be transported by an enclosed car carrier. It is a truck with a trailer that looks like a long box trailer, and it is where your car secure for the shipping. This provides the best available protection for your vehicle. It will be protected from bad weather, road dirt, and dust. It is a perfect way to ship a luxury vehicle.

Enclosed Auto Transport with Sacramento Car Transport

Sacramento Car Transport always lets you choose what kind of shipping you want – Open or Enclosed. We do recommend using Enclosed Carriers for exotic and retro cars and all kinds of luxury cars. We provide Enclosed Car Shipping with Exotic Auto Transport and make sure to demonstrate the premium-quality of service.

Whatever kind of car you have, you can trust it to us. Our Sacramento Car Shipping services paired with enclosed shipping is the guarantee of safety. We have worked with many luxury vehicles, shipping them safe and sound and making our clients happy with our services.

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