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Saramento to Memphis
Memphis is the second largest city in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The state rests in the southeastern portion of the United States. Memphis, with a population totaling more than 684,476 as of 2017, is also the county seat of Shelby County. Memphis is an old city that has been through many obstacles. The Memphians have worked hard to create a glorious mix of old and new. Although city’s most famous destination is Graceland, Memphis can offer much more than just that.

Downtown houses much of the Memphis population. As a result, most people come to live in this area. It is mostly liveliest after work hours. Weekends are more entertaining. Let’s get a good overview of the area.

BEALE STREET – As the Memphians say, “Home of the Blues”. At night, the street is closed to vehicles and is open for people to walk. Indeed, there are dozens of clubs and bars, featuring live music. Some bars have “drink to go” services as well.

MISSISSIPPI RIVER – River tours are available for visitors. Also, there are a park, playground, and bars. Such an ideal place to go on weekends. Isn’t it?

SOUTH MAIN – It is home to the arts district of Memphis. Trendy art galleries, shops, and restaurants are the essentials of this area.

MUD ISLAND RIVER PARK – The park contains a museum of the Mississippi River. Also, the “Gulf of Mexico” is a large pool in which visitors rent a boat in the pool or have a walk around it.

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