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“Railroad City”

Indianapolis, IN

Sacramento to Indianapolis
Indianapolis is in the Nine-County Region of Indiana. It is right at the center of the state. It is the state capital and largest city in the United States of Indiana and is in Marion County. The population within city limits is approximately 864,771 in 2016, making it the 12th largest city in the US. In fact, people around the United States often call Indianapolis the “Crossroads of America as it connects five major highways of the city.

There are events and festivals going on around the city. In detail, let’s learn about some of the famous festivals below.

  • Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Fest – Wineries from around the world come together in downtown Indy. Cooking classes demonstrate how to cook wine and traditional Indie dishes. Restaurants participate as well. Indeed, food and wine industries develop very quickly.
  • Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration – African Americans from all over head to Indy to celebrate culture. Even more, some of the music’s biggest stars come to the city to celebrate too.
  • Indianapolis International Film Festival – New Indie films have their premiers in this area. There are meetings, lectures, and presentations concerning the film as well.
  • Oktoberfest – It has been taking place since 1974, annually, and is a celebration of German culture organized by German – American Klub. It features German food and beer, and of course, music.

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