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Moving to “The City of Roses”?

Portland, OR

Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR
Portland is the second largest city in the Pacific Northwest with a population of 583,776. It is the 26th most populous city in the U.S. Portland is the largest city lying between Seattle and San Francisco. The city had a reputation as one of the most unsafe port cities in the world. Also, it has a reputation as “The Beer and Food Cart Capital of the World”. The food and wine industry are the best on the West Coast. There are more than 70 breweries in the wonderful Portland area.

The coastal city has a splendid mix of historic museums, architecture and many entertaining spots and parks. For instance, Washington Park and the Forest park offer plants and wildlife, located near the city. Roses and trees in the Douglas Fir trees make the lovely color of the city of Portland. The area of Portland is the ideal place for growing roses. That is why this city is called “The City of Roses”. Also, it has an official slogan: “Keep Portland Weird”.

Sacramento Car Transport Ships Vehicles from Sacramento to Portland

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