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“Queen City”

Charlotte, NC

Sacramento to Charlotte
Charlotte is a fast-growing city in the southern part of central North Carolina. It is the largest one in the state of North Carolina. City’s population is estimated to be 731,424 in 2017. So far, it is the center of finance, entertainment, industry, and technology for the whole region. Moreover, it was a business center in past but the city is developing very fast and tourist industry is in its pick. Currently, its central body is one of the most visited districts in the Carolinas.

These are Charlotte’s most famous districts: Uptown, NoDa, South End, Myers Park and Dilworth. Uptown is the center of culture, commerce, and government, even more, you can find several museums, restaurants, parks, and theatres there. North Davidson Street (NoDa) is a home to street level art galleries, unique shops, and restaurants. South End makes the city’s emerging design industry. City’s oldest and most expensive homes, as well as Queen University of Charlotte and Freedom Park, are a part of the Myers Park. Dilworth is the first “streetcar suburb”. It is a dream place for every resident to make a home here. In conclusion, you will never forget and regret visiting Charlotte.

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