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Open Auto Transport

open auto transport

There are two methods of Auto Shipping: Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Car Transport. While Enclosed Car Shipping ensured the best possible protection for a car in the process of transit, the majority of shipping clients still prefer open car carriers. The reason is simple: Open Auto Transport is cheaper (because more cars can be placed on the trailer). It is just as safe as shipping enclosed, so why pay more during the relocation when you’re actually looking to save money?

Although Open Car Shipping is the most popular way to ship a car, make sure the company you want to ship with provides this type of service, as some movers are specialized on Enclosed Auto Transport.

Open Car Transport with Sacramento Car Transport

Sacramento Car Transport offers both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. With our Open Auto Shipping, you will get the reliable vehicle moving. When you ship using this method, your vehicle is placed in an open trailer along with other vehicles. An open trailer has space for more vehicles. This is the main reason why this way of Sacramento Car Shipping is cheaper.

You won’t have to worry about anything: your vehicle will be properly secured following all the legal regulations. The safety of your vehicle is the top priority at Sacramento Car Transport. All of our drivers doing Open Auto Shipping are highly trained and have years of experience shipping cars and other vehicles. The only things that you could be worried about are road dust, dirt, flies, and weather. It is just the same as driving conditions but without driving itself.

Check our rates for Open Car Shipping, we have some of the best in the industry! Contact us for your free Sacramento Auto Transport quote today by calling (916) 573-1363. We are looking forward to shipping for you!