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Devin Nunes Called Out By Sacramento Bee Newspaper

You are currently viewing Devin Nunes Called Out By Sacramento Bee Newspaper
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Following allegations Devin Nunes lied about involvement in the Ukraine plot to smear former Vice President Joe Biden, the Sacramento Bee published a scolding article written by their editorial board.

Devin Nunes, a Republican representative from Tulare, California, represents the state’s 22nd congressional district. In the course of investigating the Trump administration’s communications with Ukraine, the House Intelligence Committee uncovered damning text messages.

The texts were between one of the representative’s top aides, Derek Harvey, and Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Guliani, the president’s personal lawyer.

Parnas stands accused of assisting efforts to pressure Ukranian officials to launch an unfounded investigation into the Biden family. His unrelated indictment alleges he funneled money from Russian entities to Republican candidates in exchange for political influence.

Therefore, any connection to Parnas proves politically troubling for politicians involved with the Florida businessman and Guiliani associate.

So, when text messages surfaced exposing Nunes’s camp communicating with Parnas, blowback embroiled the representative in the Ukraine scandal.

Additionally, since Nunes sits on the House Intelligence Committee, he faces further scrutiny for involvement in dealings his position requires him to investigate.

In other words, Devin Nunes potentially contributed to the crime he is supposed to uncover.

At one point, Nunes denied connection to Parnas, claiming not to recall any conversation between the pair. However, he backtracked when phone record evidence revealed a conversation between the two men on April 12 of last year.

The content of the texts exchanged between Parnas and Harvey includes multiple references to Biden. The roughly 100 texts sent over a period of months focus on connecting Harvey with Ukranian officials making unfounded claims of corruption.

Harvey remains on the representative’s staff. Devin Nunes continues to claim innocence.

The Sacramento Bee concludes their articles saying, “The people of California’s 22nd congressional district deserve better.”

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