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Local State Fair to Hold its First Marijuana Competition

You are currently viewing Local State Fair to Hold its First Marijuana Competition
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The local state fair is saying cannabis is coming. The fair in 2022, for the first time, will host a competition. It is open to all licensed cannabis cultivators in the state. It would be to judge the finest flower in the local West Coast state.

Local State Fair Outlines Criteria for Entrants to Participate

In fact, entrants are going to be dividing into three divisions: indoor, mixed-light, and outdoor. The Judges are going to evaluate the cannabis flower. Moreover, there will be seven individual cannabis plant compounds being testing and identified for awards. However, it will include two cannabinoids — CBD and THC— and five terpenes. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. It gives the plant its characteristic smell. It is a source of plant essential oils and resins.

The California State Fair is going to hand out 77 bronze, silver, gold, and double gold medals to the winners. Plus, the seven Golden Bear trophies for the “Best of California” in each category.

Fair Celebrates Cannabis Industry

“We are, in fact, pleased to celebrate California’s legal and licensed cannabis industry as part of the California State Fair in 2022,” said Jess Durfee. He is the chairman of the California Exposition and State Fair Board of Directors, in a statement. “ Also, for the past 166 years, the California State Fair is a first mover, going forward and leading the state fair circuit. That would be with innovative programming and large-scale competitions. They celebrate, what they perceive, the best the state has to offer, plus making the addition of cannabis cultivation a natural new category.”

In fact, cannabis is going to join other California products. Those include wine, craft beer, olive oil, and cheese that have competitions at the fair.

In 2016, California voters did vote to legalize cannabis for recreational adult use. Since then, it has gone on to become a multi-billion-dollar industry in the state.

Moreover, the California State Fair competition is going to be conducting in partnership with Cultivar Brands. That is a California-based cannabis marketing firm. It “specializes in the creation of programs that go forward to move cannabis into the mainstream,” according to a statement.

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