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Citizens Step Up For Truckers

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Citizens have been stepping up in their support for the trucking industry. Many closures have happened across the country. The closing of rest stops and supply chains has put a hit on truckers. The public is aware of this and has independently stepped up their support. By leaving prepaid gift cards to be used for essential supplies. Gas stations and convenience stores have seen an influx of charitable citizens who understand that without truck drivers, we would be far worse off.

Citizens Regard For Trucking Increases

There was a time when truck drivers naturally had the respect that they do right now. In order to provide essential goods to stores across the country, truck drivers are the ones who get it there. The image of the truck driver has fallen by the wayside over the past few decades. Now, many view them as heroes. Small towns across the US have taken the time to show their appreciation for drivers who are being over extended by not only a lack of skilled drivers, but also for those who now have to work double-time due to resupplying stores due to panic-buying.

Citizens Step Up For Drivers

Across the country, many citizens are doing their due-diligence by providing essentials to the workforce. From leaving pre-paid cards at gas stations and coffee shops to outright buying supplies for truckers right there on the spot. For small towns, seeing trucks make deliveries to their local stores means that they now have the essential items to remain safe while under “stay-at-home”. The public understands the necessity for the trucking industry. They view them to be just as important as medical workers, first responders, and other important and essential workers.

Schools Open Up For Truck Drivers

Schools that have shut down across the US have opened their doors. This helps to alleviate drivers from the 14 plus hours they have spent on the road. With many truck stops and rest areas closing due to COVID-19, many drivers are left over extended and undersupplied. These schools have also made partnerships with local businesses in order to keep truckers safe and well-stocked while making their commutes. From companies like Starbucks providing coffee to local bakeries providing bread, everyone is stepping up to show truckers how important they are and that they are respected.

We Value Drivers

It is an absolute fact that truck drivers are one of the most essential backbones of the US economy. In times of emergency, drivers work double time in order to stock stores and other essential businesses. To drivers across the US and around the world who are pulling long hours, little rest, little provisions and time away from families in order to do their part, we say thank you!

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