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E-Bikes Are Pedaling For New Users To Ditch Their Gas Cars For $3,000

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It’s a thrill to go on a bicycle. The rush of wind through your face. Adrenaline-pumping in your veins with every passing vehicle coming your way. And who can forget the benefit of acknowledging you’re alive in the world? The very joy of driving on E-Bikes should be doubled then. Especially, since so many new users become users to begin with by way of trading in their gas-guzzling cars.

At least, that’s what they’re doing in France.

For an equivalent of $2,991 USD (€2,500), the French will be allowed to use that money to buy one of these E-Bikes. It would really affect the industry tremendously. New riders will end up being allowed to scrap a gas-powered car in order for this to work out for the zero-emission e-bikes community. In turn, it helps reduce transportation carbon-emissions in France. E-bikes also free space on the roads. This would therefore make congestion a thing of the past in the future.

This grant gives several likelihoods for the new riders. For starters, some e-bikes from Peugeot can be gotten for about €2,500. This allows riders to attain free e-bikes from the deal itself. A car trade-in, on the singular level, however, allows for more affordably priced e-bikes. There may also be a two-car family, easy to turn into a one car and two e-bike family. Plenty of houses would need a car for much grander distances when carrying more cargo.

It’s still not entirely likely that this could be a law as of yet however. This is largely due to lawmakers having to approve the bill in a preliminary vote first. Once that is done, which it has, it will exist as a draft climate bill. Which tends to be the case now. So, the French are waiting.

However, this is certainly getting a lot of eyes as the President himself of the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) Olivier Schneider was so excited to report. He had this to say: “For the first time it is recognized that the solution is not to make cars greener, but simply to reduce their number.”

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