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Tesla Semi Is Outselling With Pride (Group Enterprises)

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Remember when Tesla only had to make nice cars? They didn’t even concern themselves with these all-terrain vehicles or the semi trucks of tomorrow or any of that? Well, we’re all well beyond those days, it turns out. The Tesla Semi has an order of 150 trucks to fulfill for the company, Pride Group Enterprises.

Tesla Semi is selling out to WHO now?!

Pride is a holding company. As luck would have it, their main business is truck leasing. They even already have a fleet of 350 trucks, but are already considering buying whatever Tesla has left in stock. Which currently, appears to be 150-count of Tesla Semi trucks. Sam Johal, the CEO of Pride, has said this was made possible because of how the company has deposit in place to secure the initial units and to build the appropriate slots.

Who else has been cashing in on Tesla’s Trucker Hat Trick?

Wal-Mart was the other company who was looking for purchasing some of these supposedly electric, likely autonomous semi trucks. Whether they’re good enough or not, that’s yet to be seen. However, to be totally honest, it’s only a matter of time before other companies check Tesla out.

The Pride purchase is surely an exchange to be proud of. It’s showing worth between $22 million and $100 million. The actual total is mostly dependent on the ultimate count of trucks and associating configurations.

So what’s next?

Tesla is placing the offer of two options for the Tesla Semi and it’s respective new owners. Capability of 300 miles on a single charge for $150,000 or, perhaps the companies would prefer 500 miles for $180,000. There’s a likelihood of saving damn near about $200,000 in savings. This is derivative of the diesel and maintenance it’ll probably cost to help the Tesla semi see the full extent of it’s lifetime. Some prototypes might come through later. Who really knows?

If your company uses commercial vehicles, you may want to look into this new semi-truck. And even if you don’t like the specs, stay up on the news about electric semis. The savings you could get on gasoline might be completely worth it.

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