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Bars and Movie Theaters Wait To Reopen

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The reopening of bars and movie theaters in the Sacramento area has been allowed to reopen despite increasing COVID-19 reports.

In the part of trying to get the area back on the economic track, bars, restaurants, and movie theater will be allowed to open to the public following strict guidelines. These guidelines are to be adhered to by all public businesses if they are to open.

From requiring masks, gloves, and maintaining a 6-foot distance between patrons to allowing for outdoor seating.

While a complete reopening will take considerable time, the prospects of slow reopening have hit the American economy hard. Many small business owners are desperately trying to reopen under harsh circumstances.

The process can have a drawback. While the public can now go out, enjoy a drink at the bar, get their hair cut, or go see a movie, the issues of spreading the disease is still a costly one.

If businesses do not adhere to the policies in place then they are subject to a fine or will need to close their doors until the proper precautions are met. In doing so this aids to cut down on the spread of the virus and adds to the potential of saving lives.

For other business owners, creating innovative ways to adhere to these restrictions means thinking outside the box. Often utilizing different methods such as shower curtains and expanding their areas to sidewalks and some streets.

Bars Can Utilize Low Traveled Streets

In large cities, many smaller roads are shutting down. This is to allow bars and restaurants to open their space. This works to give patrons the appropriate distance to enjoy their time out.

While many believe states should open up with no holds-barge, others have taken a more cautious approach. By doing so, the threat limits the spread while still enabling citizens to earn an income.

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