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Teacher Discussing Antifa will be fired by the West Coast State District

You are currently viewing Teacher Discussing Antifa will be fired by the West Coast State District
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A teacher showing in a undercover video discussing Antifa and said he wants his students to become “revolutionaries” will be firing. It will be done by the local Unified School District in a West Coast State.

The Teacher is in Hot Weather

His alleged actions and classroom environment have been under investigation by district officials for the last two days. In fact, his educational approach has been characterizing as “disturbing and undermines the public’s trust.”

Drawing National Attention

The Inderkum High School AP Government teacher gained national attention after speaking with a person of unknown origin in a cafe in a 12-minute video. A conservative activist group, that regularly produces undercover videos originally published by the Project Veritas, has, in fact, generated threats. This is toward the school district and teacher.

Because this teacher has received threat, his identity is keeping under wraps. Though it is not certain whether he did consent to a recording by Project Veritas.

Though the teacher has responded to an email sent to the district from someone that says to be Florida parent. They are moving their child to Inderkum High. Moreover, they did ask to meet with one of the government teachers. They will decide if the school is a good fit for their progressive thinking. Then, they went ahead to proceed to film clips of the meeting.

Incendiary Rhethoric to Some!

In fact, this video it quotes the instructor saying, “I have 180 days to turn them (students) into revolutionaries…Scare the s— out of them.”

The teacher has violating the district’s political action guidelines basing on the evidence that was gathering so far. It is in aligned with Board Policy and California Education code, read a letter from Evans. In addition to inappropriate statements, for example, from the video, the teacher did post a sign supporting a personal decision for at least a local political issue and then possibly more.”

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