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TSA Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Travel

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SACRAMENTO, CA — Are you one of the 6.7 million people headed to the airport for holiday travel this season? Nearly a third of Americans will travel for the holidays, according to AAA. The nation’s airports are getting ready for huge crowds. Air travel is up 4 percent over last year, and it’s the highest it’s been in 15 years.

With so many people traveling this season, TSA agents are offering their advice about how to get through security and to their flights on time. Passengers still seem to be confused over what they can and cannot bring onto airplanes, and the TSA would like to help.

Lorie Dankers, a TSA spokeswoman, said that agents at Sacramento International Airport collect, on average, 600 pounds of forfeited items, including liquids, knives, and power tools. These are not allowed on planes, so leave those at home or put them in your checked baggage.

The rules about liquids on planes still confuse passengers. Dankers reminds us that all liquids need to be under 3.4 ounces. She said that security still sees people trying to bring a popular holiday favorite onto flights: the snow globe. But if your snow globe has liquid in excess of 3.4 ounces, you should put it in a checked bag – or buy it at your destination, advises Dankers.

The same is true for lava lamps.

Those who are traveling with a gift bottle of wine need to put that in a checked bag as well.

TSA agents said they commonly confiscate multi-tools and small credit card knives. Travelers often forget about these in their bags or wallets.

Arrive Early

Finally, one piece of advice that Dankers says she can’t stress enough: arrive two hours early at the airport. She says that TSA screens approximately 17,000 passengers on an average day. However, during the busy holiday season, that number goes up to about 20,000 people. Arriving early is crucial if you want to make your flight on time.

If you have questions about an item and whether it can fly with you, you can look it up here on TSA’s website search feature.

You can also ask questions and post photos on the “Ask TSA” Twitter page. Agents try to reply to posts within 30 minutes during businesshours.

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