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Food Delivery Program Helps Seniors and Restaurants

You are currently viewing Food Delivery Program Helps Seniors and Restaurants
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Food Delivery Program Putting up More Than $9 Million

A food delivery program, Great Plates Delivered, is helping to feed Sacramento seniors during the pandemic. It has served more than 380,000 meals. Then put more than $9 million into the local economy.

Newly Launched Public Data Dashboard Tracks Progress of Program

The above-mentioned information is according to a newly launched public data dashboard from the City of Sacramento. The City’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) team was instrumental in developing the dashboard. This dashboard tracks the progress of the program. It is began in the office of Governor Gavin Newsom and put into place in cities across the state.

Great Plates Delivered Is a Vital Program for the City

“The dashboard shows just how vital and effective Great Plates Delivered is for the entire city,” said Mikel Davila. Davita helps manage the program out of the City’s Office of Innovation and Economic Development.

The Food Delivery Program Helps Seniors and Other Adults During COVID-19

Operating in Sacramento since May, Great Plates Delivered has two purposes in mind. One to help seniors and other adults at high risk from COVID-19 to stay home and healthy. This is by delivering to them three healthy meals a day. Also to provide important economic stimulus to local restaurants by having them prepare the meals.

Great Plates Delivered: Serving so Many Seniors and Helping Give People Jobs

Spearheaded in Sacramento by Mayor Darrell Steinberg and implemented by City staff, The new data dashboard shows that the program has served more than 1,000 seniors and helped to employ nearly 330 full-time employees through 42 participating restaurants. Tracking participation in the program by each Council district, the Dashboard is an important tool to gauge all the statistics regarding the service.

Great Plates Delivered is funded through the City’s CARES Act funds, FEMA and CalOES.

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