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Pastor Argues Why Strip Clubs Are Open But Not Churches

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West Sacramento, CA – A Pastor of a local church has some thought on strip clubs – surprising absolutely no-one.

Pastor Bob Sisemore walked into local strip club “City Limits Showgirls” – not to scope out the selection, but to see if they were fully operating.

“I really don’t know where it really came from. It’s been several weeks ago first time it kind of popped into my head,” he said.

Throughout the country, the global epidemic that is COVID-19 is keeping small businesses and community areas closed. One such area that has been hit particularly hard are churches.

While areas of worship are closed, on the other side of the coin, strip clubs are fully allowed to serve patrons.

When entering the adult club, attendees hear a recording:

“Your safety and the safety of our staff is very important to us. So, please bring a facial covering as they are required for entry,” the recording said.

The question comes amid what dictates a business operable. There is a grey area where strip-clubs fall under. While churches and places to worship are still under restrictions, the polar opposite side of the coin gets to function as it normally would.

Pastor Sisemore Wants Fair Treatment.

“I just want everyone to play by the same rules” says Sisemore.

Major concerns for places of worship are coming under fire after a viral video showcasing some of the opinions of worshipers.

With the community continuing to fight the spread of the virus, many do not wish to be a part of the cause. This is their personal right, no matter how grave their determination can be for their own personal goals.

In places like Florida, where this is happening far greater than most, the rate of confirmed cases is exploding.

Will churches be able to hold worship? Maybe if they can protect themselves.

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