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Unified School District Votes on Timeline for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

You are currently viewing Unified School District Votes on Timeline for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
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A Unified School District in a Western state up North has voted on a timeline to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine to all eligible students and staff for in-person learning. The school officials have cited many medical experts are saying requiring vaccines for in-person lessons is the number one reason they can take to protect students and staff.

Sacramento City Unified School District and Gavin Newsom

On October 1st, Governor Gavin Newsom did announce that all eligible students are requiring to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Moreover, the vaccine mandate is applying to students age 12 and up. Moreover, it will go into effect as early as January 1, 2022, and for the quarter which follows FDA approval. 

Timeline: Students and Staff

Moving ahead of that timeline is SCUSD. Students and staff are requiring to have until November 30th to provide proof that they are going to receive at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

SCUSD is moving ahead of that timeline. Students and staff have until Nov. 30 to provide proof that they received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Unified School District: The Burden and Targeting of the Unvaccinated

Unfortunately, unvaccinated with qualified medical and religious exemptions are going to be requiring to undergo regular routine testing. That would be for the illness that depends on public health recommendations. Moreover, those who are eligible but unvaccinated are going to be enrolling in an independent study by January 31 that depends on labor agreements.

“In fact, we need to take a bold and decisive stand to protect public health. However, we must do so with our eyes which are wide open,” said Jorge Aguilar. He is the SCUSD superintendent.

It is a safe decision how it raised the concerns that the district could, in fact, see a loss of enrollment and thus put a further strain on the district’s independent study program.

Vaccination and Needing More Data

In fact, that is Jennifer Malone’s worry. Moreover, she is saying she does need to see more data. It was before she allows her McClatchy High School senior to be vaccinated. However, she’s in a specialty program.

“Then, we have really wanted to make sure he doesn’t lose that. Moreover, it is because we as his parents have done it then decide it wasn’t the right time for him to get vaccinated,” Malone said.  

Requiring the vaccine, the parents in support of the resolution argue requiring the vaccine, in fact, will decrease disruptions and increase confidence in safety.  

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