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Mopeds: Yeah or Nah?

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We’ve all seen mopeds on the streets and man, do they look fun?

According to moped owners, these motorized vehicles are great for gas mileage. This can be a huge advantage for those living in expensive cities like Los Angeles. During the summer, gas can go up to $4 per gallon.

Another benefit of purchasing a moped is the flexibility it offers to the one operating it. Much like a bike, it can increase the ease of transportation with such little space. People that live a minimalist life can gain from this investment.

Speaking of investments, mopeds can range from $750- $2,000 depending on what the brand is and what it has to offer.

Before purchasing the motorized vehicle, it would be in the customer’s best interest to look up the local laws. One law is that mopeds are not allowed to go be used on highways. This makes a whole lot of sense when the speed ranges from 18-40 mph.

Think of it like this– a moped is like a motorcycle for people that like to live a simplistic life without the loud noises and speed a motorcycle has.

What’s super cool about looking at your array of options is that you have the ability to rent one. This can help you decide which one works best with your lifestyle. Plus, you can have a fun little basket too for those spontaneous stops.

The basket may even come in handy when it’s time to prepare for any type of weather, including rain! Make sure you also bring a helmet and goggles to protect your body. There may not be a lot of speed but your body is still in motion. You are vulnerable, don’t forget.

Consider Buying a Used Moped

Before buying from a dealer, which is great and all, you should look at all of your options first. Used motorized vehicles are just as great, as the previous owners can offer helpful discounts. You can find used mopeds on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. However, it’s crucial to feel the situation out. Purchase with caution!

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