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Aptera Releases Solar Electric Car With 1,000 Plus Miles

You are currently viewing Aptera Releases Solar Electric Car With 1,000 Plus Miles
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Aptera, is a startup that aims to bring to market a solar- and battery-powered electric car with “up to 1,000 miles” of range, received $4 million in backing and more than 7,000 preorders.

Aptera is going on with their second attempt. The company is made in 2006 with the point of bringing a super-efficient three-wheeled vehicle to market.

Unfortunately, the project didn’t work out, but the original founders recently decided to revisit the project after having launched a different successful company in the electrification space.

Last year, Aptera relaunched with the unveiling of a new updated battery- and solar-powered version of its super-efficient three-wheeler design.

It claims a range of up to 1,000 miles and achieves that by making the vehicle extremely lightweight, with three wheels and a drag coefficient (Cd) of only 0.13.

With that kind of efficiency, it can achieve 250 miles of range on a fairly small battery pack, resulting in a vehicle starting at just $25,900.

Buyers can also configure the Aptera with a battery pack that extends the range to 400 miles for $29,800, 600 miles for $34,600, and 1,000 miles for $44,900.

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