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New Teaser for the Range Rover Sport SV Set to Debut May 31st 

You are currently viewing New Teaser for the Range Rover Sport SV Set to Debut May 31st 
Land Rover wows with their all new Range Rover Sport SV!
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On April 21st, Land Rover released a teaser for their new Ranger Rover Sport SV, which currently is set to be revealed on May 31st. This teaser came from their official YouTube channel, which served as a means to officially announce the new car. The Range Rover Sport SV is expected to replace their Range Rover Sport SVR. 

Previously, the Range Rover Sport has been known and praised for its ability to combine top quality performance and luxury into one SUV. Their new Range Rover Sport SV does not appear to stray from this trend, as it maintains its luxurious feeling while emphasizing sportiness. In the YouTube released teaser for the car, we see the person behind the wheel switch into “SV Mode” whilst galivanting through Dubai’s sandy dunes. This then cast a red light onto a paddle shifter, which we noticed was highlighted throughout the teaser, alongside the smooth glides of the vehicle. 

The car will possess the 5.0-liter V-8 seen also in the Range Rover Supercharged and SVR models.

This already allowed for 518 horsepower and 575 pound-feet of torque in the two respective SUVs which made for two incredibly fast cars with astonishingly fast acceleration, but Land Rover has seemingly one-upped themselves, as they guarantee that the Sport SV will be their “fastest, most dynamic and technologically advanced Range Rover Sport ever.” 

The SV is expected to possess a system similar to that of the SVR, being an all-wheel-drive system with six selectable drive modes. In addition, the car has modes to drive in snow, mud, sand, and for rock climbing. 

Many fans of the Range Rover and overall car lovers have already begun expressing their excitement for the new car, taking to the comments of the teaser to share their thoughts. One person commented “I’m SUPER excited for the SV to come out, look’s awesome so far!” while another stated “This paddle shifters are wild!” It seems Land Rover has managed to do it again and will have us all anxiously waiting for the official reveal of the Range Rover Sport SV on the 31st of May. 

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