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Gavin Newsom is in Trouble Based on The Golden State’s Recall Rules

You are currently viewing Gavin Newsom is in Trouble Based on The Golden State’s Recall Rules
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Gavin Newsom, the draconian lockdown king aka Governor of the Golden State, really has to go! This historic recall effort is a major step in the right direction but it may not be enough. This is because recalls following the rules of a normal Golden State election. Therefore, the person who wins a majority of the votes wins. Then, in fact, Governor Gavin Newsom is in what is an incumbent Democrat in an absolutely Democratic state. Full of sheep, one may add! Newsom would have nothing to worry about.

Gavin Newsom: California, We May Have Problem!

A California recall is not like an ordinary California election. That’s unfortunate for him. Boohoo!

The Recall is Unique

Ken Miller, a Claremont McKenna political science professor, said “it’s really its own animal.” Miller describes it as one part standard-issue candidate race. Another as one part free-spending ballot measure campaign with a huge dash of the political circus. Moreover, California recalls adhering to unique rules. Some critics say, less than a fully democratic procedure, makes for a much more wild card outcome.

Gavin Newsom Could Win Against any Republican – Shudder the Thought!

“Any Republican that goes head-to-head with Newsom would beat out by him,” said Miller. Therefore, “it could be more problematic for him given the way it is structuring.” In fact, it could be possibly difficult as well or more puzzling for the majority of voters. Gavin Newsom could very well get more support than the major vote-getter in the recall and therefore still lose his job.

Republicans, Small Business Groups, and Angry Parents Want Newsom out of Office

The Republican party honchos, small business groups, and upset parents are the last count. They, are in fact, campaigning to get Newsom out of the office a year before his first time. In fact, at the point of writing this article, there were just 400,00 valid signatures shy of the nearly 1.5 million total. Those need to put his political career on the ballot. Now, as of March 12th, 2 million signatures have been clearing and reaching its recall goal. Moreover, even the staunch allies of the governor are now conceding that a recall election is likely late this year.

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