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Forza Horizon 5 Takes Place In Mexico And Will Release In November

You are currently viewing Forza Horizon 5 Takes Place In Mexico And Will Release In November
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For anybody that loves racing games as much as I do, think about the big deal wrapped up in Forza Horizon 5, an XBOX products exclusive. The game was shown off during Microsoft’s E3 Presentation. And by the looks of it? The gameplay is amazing. In the game, there’s plenty of options to play the way you want to. By travelling through the landscape of Mexico, driving on top of an inactive volcano and even having to avoid flamingos. That’s always an interesting twist when real-life animals are involved. I would say that by the looks of Forza Horizon 5, in fact, that this will only encourage the developers to explore other areas of the world, where vehicles are able to essentially explore a sandbox version of the Latin Country. And you would have to commend the work of the developers for very exciting gameplay footage provided.

Xbox | June 13th, 2021

Customization is key here, as the vehicles will be allowed to joining many different modes. Including “car-meets,” battle royales, and even racing towards crashing against bowling pins. Not to mention from super cars to beach buggies, there’s a ride for everyone in Forza. Upgrades will be able to be made for visual and performance upgrading.

Furthermore, a newer feature that this game will have allows for ray tracing, which enhances the visuals of the video game and its console as well. At a resolution of 4K, the title is likely to run at 60 fps for Xbox One Series X. For the Series S, 30 fps at 1080p.

In “Eventlab” there’s an ability for players to make their own Forza experiences, through races and modes of their own.

Finally, plenty of auto enthusiasts would probably enjoy this game, as it makes use of real-world beauty found in the nature and civilizations of the sprawling landscape.

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