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Genesis GV60 Begins At A Discounted Pricetag

You are currently viewing Genesis GV60 Begins At A Discounted Pricetag
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Genesis is the leading car brand in luxury. As is such, the Genesis GV60 from 2024 had hit the streets with a rear-wheel-drive base model at a starting price $53,195. Genesis is beyond certain as the GV60 has been able to travel up to about to 294 miles per charge, as it raises above 30 beyond the highest range AWD model, so it makes sense that it’s so expensive. Even with the GV60 Advanced and Performance models which respectively cost $61,745 and $70,745.

But here’s the surprise of it all: the Genesis GV60 had shown up in the past year, while it had only brought on the single-electric powertrain as well as a base price beyond $60K. For further accessibility in the electric compact SUV, the Genesis will come through with rear-wheel -drive configuration. All while it costs only about $8550 less than the pre-existing all-wheel-drive setup, as there’s higher estimated driving range.

Such a price drop happens, with a result of 225-horsepower electric motor that could feed into the rear axle. All while the power is fed by 77.4-kilowatt hours battery pack that Genesis says that can provide upwards to 294 miles of range. Looking at the 2024 Genesis GV60 Standard, you have the availability of the car at various dealerships throughout 23 states.

What features does the Standard have?

There are 19-inch wheels, with head-up display, as well as a deployable leg-rest on the power-operated driver’s seat, as well as a whole collective of driver assists and even a Wi-Fi hotspot. Each GV60 comes with about 10 airbags as well as upgraded seatbelt safety features.

Overall, Genesis knows how to make a comfortable ride. So it would be to your benefit to invest in a GV60 vehicle. You’ll definitely be driving into the future with this Genesis.

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