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Jeep Makes It Look Easy Being Green, With A Limited-Run Exterior

You are currently viewing Jeep Makes It Look Easy Being Green, With A Limited-Run Exterior
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Jeep has decidedly made their Gladiator model available in Gecko Green as a paint option. Being that this is a very cool look, the run is a limited order, especially for the month of October. The color had been offered upon the Wrangler in the Spring, and now it’s coming on until the Fall for an extra cost of $245.

If you have a Jeep that’s in Gecko Green, then you may just pop out from the herd. Jeep has a special-run Gecko Green. It’s been around on the Wrangler and see Chief Blue and Nacho (?). Additionally these models have been created with Corning Gorilla Glass. It’s made with tech similar to cellphone screens that possess a layer that can treat the surface density right over the usual laminates. Jeep really has the coolest designs on these vehicles. So for Gorilla Glass to be used, there were cracks, chips and fractures affecting the Jeep in it’s off-road environment.

What Are The Jeep 4×4 Specs?

Skid plates are made to keep the Jeep Brand still while traversing plenty of obstacles. Meanwhile, there’s the Front Sway Bar that disconnects under 18 miles per hour in 4 Low modes. Rock rails are available with protection when you off-road. There’s also the awesome power of body-on-frame design that you simply can’t run away from when dealing with the Wrangler or Gladiator.

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