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Jeep Concepts Tease The Buyers With 2022 Hints For Easter Jeep Safari

You are currently viewing Jeep Concepts Tease The Buyers With 2022 Hints For Easter Jeep Safari
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Oh, Jeep! You sneaky car brand! We have our eyes on you, as you think you’re so clever, trying to deceive us by thinking we won’t catch the hints for your latest Easter Safari.

The first sketch shows the blocky outline of a Jeep Gladiator, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually a Gladiator. Jeep could concoct something with Gladiator-ish looks and supercar (read: Hellcat V-8) power. We don’t know much more about this JPP build, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to cool Gladiator builds.

The second sketch focuses on a headlight, and the blue-tinted theme indicates this is likely a project based on the forthcoming 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in-hybrid, the second addition to the electrified 4xe lineup after the Wrangler 4xe. (Both are in fulfillment of Jeep’s quest to electrify its lineup.) The two-row Grand Cherokee is brand new for 2022 (though it’s essentially the short-wheelbase version of the three-row Grand Cherokee L introduced last year), and the Grand Cherokee 4xe is coming in the spring. The new Grand’s modern, chiseled exterior would lend itself well to a full off-road build. In addition to the stylized blue hues depicted in the sketch, the blue tow hooks, fog light opening, and charge port on the fender betray its 4xe roots. Could this be a longer, three-row 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L 4xe soon to join the currently two-row-only 4xe? Probably not, but that would definitely be news.

It’s probably way too early to tell, and it regards a sister brand, but we’d love to see a Ram EV. It’d also be awesome to see a Moab-ready 2022 Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer beefed up with big suspension, big wheels, and all the off-road fixin’s. A three-row Grand Cherokee L, which was brand new for 2021, would also make for a unique Moab concept build for inspiring family’d Jeep fans. None of these are depicted in the sketches, though, so we’ll need to wait for more details on the others as those are revealed.

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