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Sacramento’s First Dog Cafe Soon To Come: Mutts & Mugs

You are currently viewing Sacramento’s First Dog Cafe Soon To Come: Mutts & Mugs
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This time next year Sacramento will have its very first dog café, “Mutts & Mugs.”


Yes, you read that right, a dog café. Basically, it is a place where dog owners can go to hang out and have a drink and all dogs are welcome. Owners socialize and eat or drink, and dogs socialize while also spending time with their owner. It’s a win-win!


The business will be called “Mutts & Mugs” and it is owned by Alex Farias and his wife Lauren Valenzuela. They will be serving beer and coffee as well. The place will have eight taps for different types of local beers and ciders. They teamed up with The Mill to serve customers coffee.


So, here is how it works. It’s pretty simple. You go to get your coffee, beer, etc. and you can take your dog with you as well. The business has a park area that opens from 6 AM t0 10 PM. The park will also contain heaters for when it gets cold and night lighting for when it gets dark out.


Customers will get “basket food” to take their drinks or food to the park with their dogs.


Inside of “Mutts & Mugs” there will be stations to check if the dogs are neutered. There will also be picnic tables, shipping containers that have drinks and food, taps for the drinks, and of course, bathrooms.


Dogs will have to be on their leash when walking inside. However, they can be off the leash when inside the park.  There will be two areas in the park. One is the general area where all dogs can play. The other will only be for small dogs.


A day-pass to get into the park will be $5. There is also the option to purchase 6 passes for future visits which will be a total of $35. For a monthly pass, they will be charging $25 per pet, if you add an extra pet it will be an extra $5. Local customers will also have the option of annual passes which cost $135 to have access for a whole year, any day, and any time. Adding an extra pet to the annual pass will be $25 for each one.


The couple has two dogs which is what inspired them to start up this business. After searching for a good area all over the U.S. they decided on Sacramento. The business is currently under construction. It is near the Bing Maloney Golf Course and has a joint parking lot with a pet grooming business next door called Friends of Bailee.


So, is this dog heaven? I think so. Once it opens, customers can unwind after a long week, enjoy a nice cold beer while spending some time with their best friend.


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