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Recall Election: Ballot Drop Box Locations in West Coast Capital City

You are currently viewing Recall Election: Ballot Drop Box Locations in West Coast Capital City
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The recall election in West Coast state in a city capital starts on Tuesday for resident voting they can drop off their ballot envelopes at more than two-dozen library locations. A vote-by-mail ballot will be mailed out to every active registered voter.

The Recall Election of Governor Gavin Newsom

On September 14th, the recall election aiming to get Governor Gavin Newsom out of office. Newsom is no good for California. His lack of broad-minded, China-worshipping leadership in California in how he handed the “pandemic” has helped to destroy people’s lives, their income and the economy, in general, is a travesty and utter insult to its residents. His “one-man” rule to have these perpetual and ongoing lockdowns is horrible and demoralizing to all concerned. He has been caught in public without a mask at a gathering with a lot of people also wearing with no masks. He’s a fraud and hypocrite. He continues so righteously tout himself as “following the science” which is a load of total crap!

The recall election targeting (rightfully so) Governor Gavin Newsom is on Sept. 14th. Moreover, ballot drop boxes, however, will be available August 17 through Election Day.

Now, the residents can drop off their ballots during the locations’ regular hours of operation in Sacramento County Tuesday through Saturday. Then voters can also return their vote-by-mail ballot by mail with prepaid postage. That is as long as it’s postmarking by September 14th.

Participating Dropbox Library Locations

The following Sacramento Locations including Arcade, Arden-Dimick, Belle Cooledge, Carmichael, Central, Colonial Heights, Del Paso, Elk Grove, Franklin, Fair Oaks and Galt-Marian O. Lawrence Isleton. Also, Martin Luther King Jr., McKinley, Nonie-Wetzel Courtland, North Highlands-Antelope, North Natomas, Orangevale, Rio Linda, Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven and Southgate. In addition, South Natomas, Sylvan Oaks, Valley Hi-North Laguna, and Walnut Grove locations. Moreover, the drop box at Rancho Cordova library will be available starting Aug. 18.

Also, in addition to the ballot drop box locations, there are five different libraries that will serve as in-person vote centers starting September 11th.

Voting Centers in Sacramento County

They include North Natomas, Robbie Waters Pocket-Greenhaven, South Natomas, Valley-Hi North Laguna, and Walnut Grove.

Also, there will be drop boxes will also be available for mail-in voters at these locations.

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