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Land Rover Meets Goldfinger: Defender V-8 007 Edition Revealed

You are currently viewing Land Rover Meets Goldfinger: Defender V-8 007 Edition Revealed
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To revere the 38-year ties that Land Rover has had with the James Bond brand, a limited-edition Defender 110 has been released with special features only keen 007 fans will notice. It’s exclusive to the USA that the 110 body style has been made available.

This is shrunk of course by the fact that the 90 and 110 body styles will be around in the United Kingdom.

However, there will still be a quantifiable amount of these Land Rover units.

About 300 to be exact. Drawing inspiration from the four-door 110 model, the 2022 Land Rover Defender V-8 James Bond Edition (whew – what a mouthful!) Shows custom work by the UK team of Land Rover SV Bespoke. With it, arrives a 5.0-liter supercharged V-8, rated at about 518 horsepower as well as 461 lb-feet of torque.

There are more secrets quite noticeable out of this ordinarily stunning-looking, all-black luxury SUV. For instance, it reaches a top speed of 149 miles per hour while pushing to 60 in only 5.1 seconds.

Land Rover is making the whole journey excellent.

Furthermore, Bespoke adds a nice touch to the exterior, including 22-inch gloss black wheels. Also a Defender 007 badge in the back, Xenon Blue calipers, 007 puddle lamps and even illuminated sill plates. Additionally, there comes with the whole shebang better suspension that utilizes bespoke spring and damper rates. Overall, we’re looking at much better handling to come from these upgrades. When using the Extended Black package, each Defender V-8 James Bond Edition is going to showcase a series number that displays it as a collector’s item. The starting price for each unit, however, is $114,600. That’s a hefty sum.

When it comes to James Bond using cars, you can always expect 007 to make a dashing getaway with a beautiful dame. Which in turn is to say that your best bet with Land Rover is to also get the vehicle that will save the day, no matter the odds.

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