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Bentley Continental GT: A Reliable Vehicle Like This Is A True Luxury

You are currently viewing Bentley Continental GT: A Reliable Vehicle Like This Is A True Luxury
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Do you like riding around town in luxury? Perhaps you need to get yourself a Bentley. Bentley is a vehicle that has long been known to draw a large amount of excitement for. This Bentley offers speedy submodels with “driving performance and visual presence” to boot. There is an S-Trim will allow for a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine. However, the mechanicals are just about the same, with new visual accents to face the coupe competition when it stands out.

Bentley’s Continental GT is certainly a very strong vehicle that can produce about 542 horsepower and nearly 568 pound-feet of torque. The 2020 model itself was able to run to 60 miles per hour in only 3.4 seconds, so this new 2023 model should be able to do just the same with a weight of approximately 5,000 pounds.

Certainly, the Bentley Continental GT offers a grille that’s totally darkened.

Also, the S badge will be properly displayed on the frontal fender. Additionally, the lettering will stay chrome. Of course, the headlights and taillights alike are equally tinted along with the quad exhaust pipes.

Of course, this vehicle has a Dynamic Ride anti-roll system with a boosted ride comfort option that can make for a very smooth luxury grand touring vehicle. Certainly, the Continental GT is giving off enough acceleration with the Sport mode, as well the clear acceleration rate that you certainly can’t find on any other vehicle. Custom is definitely a crowd favorite as it allows for adjustments of individual settings while showing a new driving mode proper for you.

Plus, there are many hand-crafted details, like the matrix grille and elliptical quad tailpipes, with many different options for veneers and high-gloss, open-pore wood and specific technical materials. For instance, the Apple CarPlay is going to be an integral part of infotainment when you need to use your phone while driving.

This Bentley Continental GT can allow online radio and a navigation system conducted by satellites. It’s all useful with the additional My Bentley app. When you need assistance? Use the intelligent driver assistance that comes with the 360-degree top-view camera and Traffic sign recognition as well.

The S model gives off two unique wheel choices. One being a 22-inch wheel in Black or Satin, or a 21-inch design and black and bright finishes. Bentley hasn’t quite revealed a price but there’s a couple of brake calipers with new wheel designs coming in red paint.

The likelihood shows that the price is going to vary. The V-8 model has a $220,525 starting price most likely, with an additional $20,000 adding on for the convertible option.

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