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Sacramento Car Museum: California Automobile History

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The Sacramento Car Museum is now offering membership programs to help raise funds during the Covid-19 pandemic. Supporters can donate to their Patreon page or purchase one of two memberships. $500 buys a Basic Lifetime Membership and $1000 buys a Lifetime Executive Membership.

The titles are a little misleading, as both memberships only last a year. But they come with perks such as unlimited admission to the museum, access to a newsletter, and discounts on classes, workshops, and merchandise. The museum offers a wide range of exhibits and events. Car enthusiasts, rejoice!


The California Automobile Museum houses over 120 cars. The current exhibit focuses on cars featured in movies. The prior exhibit featured British motor vehicles. Before that, they showcased micro cars. The History of Roadtripping was around for a while. From March to September 2018, they showed custom cars. And NorCals’ Fastest Cars predated that.

The museum thrives partially on donations. Collectors that no longer want old cars can give them directly to the museum. They even offer a pick-up service to make the transfer easy. Those who wish to contribute financially can also adopt a car. Adoptive auto parents receive a certificate and recognition at the museum of their support.


There’s more to do than just walk around and look at cars, though. If you’re a hands-on enthusiast, check out some of their classes. Sign up to learn to drive a Model T or Model A. In “Know Your Car 101” you’ll learn about your own car for free. (A certified mechanic teaches this course.) “Model T Tune-Up” teaches fix-up tips. There are design and photography classes. You’ll even find courses for kids and teens! School tours are also available upon reopening.

Sacramento Car Museum Asking for Support

The coronavirus has cost many industries millions of dollars. Businesses based in arts and culture are suffering especially. If you love cars and live in the area, consider making a donation. Check out their membership packages if you want to get involved regularly. And keep an eye out for when they’ll be reopening. There’s plenty to see and do here.

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