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Driving in Sacramento

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The complicated freeway system of California is very present in Sacramento!
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Driving in the capital of California is a little different than driving in other parts of the state and especially other cities in other states. The scenery of the city and nature of the city as the head of California government leads to there being a different driving technique to be followed.

One thing that Sacramento shares with the rest of the state is the nature of the freeways. The highway system in California is a huge chaotic web with roads going in all directions and toward every major city. The freeway system getting into Sacramento keeps this chaotic nature going, with multiple large freeways going through the city. There is the I-5, I-80, US 50, California 99, California 16, and so many more in Sacramento. Some run north and south while others run east and west.

While driving is probably the most common mode of transportation in the city, there are many other ways that people get around. It is important to be aware of these other transportation methods when you are driving, as many affect the roads as well.

A surprisingly high number of people bike in Sacramento.

Many Sacramento residents turn to bikes in the city to help use less gas. The city also has a great city bike rental service that many tourists frequent as a means to tour the city. People also use scooter rentals, like Bird and Lime scooters, a lot around the city. Both bikes and electric scooters can end up in the street, so it is essential that you are looking out for these riders, especially in the downtown area of the capital.

Taxis and city buses are also commonly seen in the city. Sacramento also has a reliable public transit system of trains that many locals rely on for their daily commutes. It runs approximately around a 4000 square mile area in the county of Sacramento.

Driving in California overall can be a bit scary. Many of the intersections are a little dicey looking and can run a bit of a risk. In Sacramento, there is one intersection where two highways meet with an interstate freeway. This is one of the most dangerous intersections in the city and runs high risk. If you find yourself in the middle of the intersection of Highway 99, US Highway 50, and I-80 in downtown Sacramento, be highly attentive and cautious.

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