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Fraud Found As A Local Is Arrested For Stealing $2.75M From EDD

You are currently viewing Fraud Found As A Local Is Arrested For Stealing $2.75M From EDD
An individual who has committed fraud is arrested for fooling the EDD.
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Firstly, there has been a major arrest made in the Sacramento County. The District Attorney’s Office happens to have discovered the largest EDD fraud to ever be discovered. On the sixth of January, 2022, a woman by the name of Jamie Williams-Major had been arrested on 166 charges in relation to an EDD fraud scheme to total out to more than $2.7 million dollars according to a news release.

The Sacramento County DA’s Office believes that Williams-Major had filed 166 EDD claims in the form of fraud.

Law enforcement believes that Williams-Major along with six people who happened to be state and local inmates in April 2021. Back then, officials believed that people are receiving more than $250,000 in an EDD scheme. This is after obtaining search warrants after Williams-Major’s arrest in April. Furthermore, law officials found the fraud to be ten times bigger than what they thought.

Off of a previous news release, officials have discovered “a significant amount of EDD paperwork belonging to fraudulent accounts and other fraudulent credit card evidence.”

In this case, Williams-Major finds herself troubling in Vegas. She along with six other inmates have been caught in the moment. As a result, she’s in Sacramento for additional charges. Her arraignment happens to be for January 19th. It gained her about $250,000. In the next investigation there was a discovery of contents on Williams-Major’s cell phone. There was apparent unemployment fraud scheme all over the place.

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic has really been an amazing opportunity for anybody to abuse the rules of. So it’s almost appalling how much individuals would make off with.

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