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There’s Something Soothing About The Subaru Forester Wilderness

You are currently viewing There’s Something Soothing About The Subaru Forester Wilderness
Subaru pushes the Forester Wilderness in a new direction, thanks to better suspension and trendier interior styling.
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Would you believe me if I told you the latest and greatest Subaru has finally landed on our front door-step? Well it has. In the Forester Wilderness, Subaru owners finally get to feel just a little closer to heaven. This is all thanks to the fifth-generation update that has been especially refreshed for the first model year since 2019. Pre-pandemic special!

Of course, it’s not much to write home about at first. You may note a styling update with a new grille and a redesigned fascia.

But upon closer look, you can tell that Subaru jam-packed this Forester Wilderness vehicle with a suspension that allows for more travel, while also incorporating a quadruple of Yokohama Geolander-wrapped 17-inch wheels with large wheel arch cladding of course.

With more improvements on the way, what more could Subaru owners ask for? Oh, I know! How about a ladder-rails. These type of additions are found in this edition’s roofing area. As for the seats, they happen to be water-resistant.

The 4-cylinder boxer under the hood aspirates itself naturally with 2.5 liters. This can compose of about 182 horsepower in total. Combo this with about 176 lb-feet of torque and you’re good for the road.

Furthermore, you’ll never truly leave the basic engine alone because there with it comes an always-changing transmission that allows the All-Wheel-Drive to do it’s thing.

If you like going off-road into the wild woods, then chances are, we’ve found your dream vehicle, right here in the 2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness.

Subaru Dresses This Model To Impress

Believe it or not, the price gauge for this Forester Wilderness isn’t entirely carving a hole in your wallet. Wouldn’t you know it? Pricing for a fully-loaded Subaru comes around to $36,000.

Of course, there are some added features. Like black plastic appendages, 9.2 inch suspension and even enough room in the back for not one, not two but three seats. The “piece de resistance,” as one might say, is easily the 2.5-liter “Flat-4” four-cylinder. It only gives off 182 horsepower, but sure it powers through well with 176 torques. Even with the low-speed acceleration, it makes for good cruising.

All in all, what are you waiting for? This SUV is prime for the picking and would be of good use to you if you just seize the day by seizing this car. It’s comfortable and rugged, all in one fatal blow other Subaru models simply can’t compare by. No one will ever know what hits them when you vroom up right behind in your amazing Subaru Forester Wilderness. Wouldn’t you agree? Or are you somewhat of a pansy who doesn’t like to take chances.

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