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Top 3 Reasons Why You Are Stuck in Traffic Right Now

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Hey! What’s good? Yeah, you’re stuck in traffic at this very moment. Oh man, it’s gridlock and you’re looking for some sort of escape from the monotonous lifestyle of your 9-5 grind. You might not be at work, yet, which means your day hasn’t even started. But why are you stuck in traffic? What is it this time?

Someone Got Pulled Over and Everyone is Slowing Down to “Check It Out”

Someone up ahead is talking to a cop. Do you know why? I don’t. I’m not there. Chances are, you won’t find out either. The guy in front of you thinks he can figure it out if he just drives slow enough. You have a real Sherlock Holmes in front of you. At a brief glance, you can see that someone is in their car and a police officer is talking to them. No real answer to anything, the driver might have been speeding, they might have a taillight out, or their registration is expired. Who knows? Well, the driver in front of you can maybe, possibly, decipher that if it makes you late enough. That one dude decided to break a little harder and sent the whole lane of cars behind you to break the flow of traffic. He’s a jerk.

Traffic Due to an Imaginary Accident

There is no hope for you getting out of this one. You have to be 4-lanes over in the next 2-miles. You have your blinker on, but that doesn’t help when nobody is moving enough to provide space. Your GPS is telling you “accident up ahead”. This makes you at ease a slightly, but this is simply because you have an immediate answer. The traffic accident is just up ahead. There might be too many cars on the way to notice, but you’re sure it’s there. Huh, you’re 1000 feet away from it? Nothing? Not even a tow-truck or a police officer? That’s funny. Where did it go? Huh…it must’ve just been all in your head. Funny. Too bad you’re 20-minutes late for work.

There Are Too Many People Living In Your Area

Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the concrete jungle and flee to the outskirts? Yeah, man. That would be great. Except for the reason you live here is that you don’t make enough money. You aren’t equipped to live outside of any major city area. That is actually why you probably moved or live here in the first place. Good job. Traffic sucks and you just gotta deal.

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