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Population Stumbles in California After 117,000 Citizens Fizzle-Out in 2021

You are currently viewing Population Stumbles in California After 117,000 Citizens Fizzle-Out in 2021
From dying baby boomers to less childbirths, there's been indications of a major drop in population from just the past year alone.
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With a quickly aging population of California baby-boomers and the ongoing aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would appear that there is quite the differentiation of citizens occurring nowadays. How can this be the case?

Seriously, have we stopped to wonder what’s allowing for such a sharp drop-off of citizens in California? Most likely, one can attribute this to a decline of younger people having children. And if you look at this clearly enough, such a dip would resettle the starting population to about 40 million, as of January 1st, 2022. Specifically, this is a 0.3% decline.

Of course, there’s more than one reason why there’s been 117,000 individuals dropping off the face of the Earth. Officials accompanying the California Department of Finance is stuck on the decrease upon the Baby Boomer population.

Officials believe the decrease as “fertility declines among younger cohorts.” Federal policies stop immigration and an “out-migration” all at once. They are sure that many counties have seen a decline. Population growth, after all, still goes strong around interior counties in the Central Valley and the Inland Empire.

This isn’t the first time that the population has dropped so much. Back in 2020, there was a multi-year sluggishness in upward population growth. Yeah, if you think that was bad, wait until you hear what happened after. The state lost a seat in Congress after the 2020 U.S. Census was taken. Of course, the fiscal year of 2021 ended on June 30th, so that’s when California lost some numbers as well.

Population wavers throughout various California Counties.

San Benito and Yolo counties are the only ones to have a growth increase greater than 1%. The Yolo County has an 1.8% increase had been due to college students coming back to dorms while San Benito’s 1.1% increase had housing gains. From the 58 counties in California, only 34 of those counties decrease in Plumas, where 3.4% of the population has been gone.

Sacramento had dropped by 0.3% while Folsom grew by 1.8% and Roseville rises by 1.5% in itself. Manteca is the 10th fastest-growing city with a population past 30,000, therefore gaining 2.2% or about 1,864 people approximately.

State prisons in California happen to show stark increases and decreases which can create significant changes for the area’s population.

There’s a boatload of individual experts that chalk it up to Californians just trying to live cheaper. Certainly, if it weren’t for the pandemic, the numbers wouldn’t be so low. Just look at how much of COVID-19 stopped immigrants from emigrating and current residents from living. In total, we saw about 69,000 deaths that wouldn’t’ve happened in a separate timeline.

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