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General Motors to Swap Chevrolet Express and Other Vans in 2026

You are currently viewing General Motors to Swap Chevrolet Express and Other Vans in 2026
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General Motors have been making all the right moves with their latest decisions in the electric vehicles arena. And in this case, it’s no different with the replacements for big-box cargo and passenger vans. This is particularly in relation to the Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana. Both likely to be discontinued after the 2025 model year. And in anticipation of the battery-electric vans, they will be replacing them in the 2026 model year. All in accordance to well-known analysis sources.

Unlike Ford and their E-Transit battery-electric full-size vans, GM is planning on specifically replacing the Express and Savana with electric vehicle versions with “skateboard chassis” as well as the Ultium modular battery pack.

With a similar design to the commercial fleet delivery van like the all-electric BrightDrop Zevo 600. The Zevo 600 maintains a cargo capacity of beyond 600 cubic feet. BrightDrop is going to develop 2,500 vans for FedEx. This is all in anticipation for an all-electric fleet of cars by 2040. Of course, the GM vans to replace have been in major need of swapping out since their last major update in 2003.

Ford Transit has been much more behind in the EV update game, being that they are allowing for 246.7 to about 542.2 cubic feet.

General Motors is depending on the Ultium battery platform to pull through for their vehicles.

The Chevy Express and the GMC Savana swaps are going to add width to the Ultium battery platform. Which is exactly what they want in order to ease the cost of the brand new technology. It may be the case for General Motors as they look to improve their standings in the Electric Vehicles category. This is no phenomenon however, as the BV1 is going to be made available as an electric vehicle family bus. that’s really what it’s going to be for a bunch of families and companies.

With the World Resources Institute tracking about 12,000 commitments to battery-electric school buses out of the country’s entire 500,000. Specifically in regards to 10,000 diesel-to-EV conversions for the schools of the Midwest. Thanks to the government, conversions are likely to be funded by a $5 billion clean school bus program, coming specifically from last year’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Stellantis, meanwhile, is offering a ProMaster EV will be based on the current ICE model with regards to the 2024 model year. This is a relatively important move on General Motors’ part. Vans create the majority of smog problems in the USA anyway.

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