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2023 Mazda CX-50 Shows Off The Meridian Edition In Peak Form

You are currently viewing 2023 Mazda CX-50 Shows Off The Meridian Edition In Peak Form
This Mazda model pulls out all the stops!
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Mazda has shown off the 2023 CX-50, which is the newest and greatest compact crossover, complete with plenty of off-road accessories and exclusive graphics. This Mazda is truly amazing. As you can tell it already looks very rugged and road-ready. Some changes have definitely been happening to the brand as of late.

So farming the biggest upgrade happens to come in the form of 18-inch wheels with Falken all-terrain tires as well as appearance upgrades with all new surround sound, rocker panels and even a graphic on the hood. There can’t be any real changes to the suspension or even the AWD. When you observe the Meridian Edition even, it comes with as reliable as could be machinery in the turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-four engine along with other CX-50 2.5 Turbo models.

Also, observe the Apex package which in itself can add roof-rack crossbars, splash guards and even another hood graphic. This package can cost around $1235 extra. Which totals out to $42,460 for the price of a CX-50. With similar style, one can afford the $1899 bundle of dealer-installed accessories from the Meridian Choice.

Besides all that, every Mazda CX-50 model for model year 2023 is going to arrive with a mid-year price hike of $750. Which is to say that it carries a base price of $28,825 with standard natural aspiration.

The Mazda CX-50 will feature in its exterior either Zircon Sand or Polymetal Gray, with a Terracotta brown interior.

How does the Mazda CX-50 handle when it’s Meridian Edition is put to the test?

Mazda also includes the best set of “outdoor focused” wheels, wrapped in gloss black. This is all a valiant effort for a model with enough grip in it’s drivetrain to handle the uncharted territory we never expected Mazda to take on. The Off-Road SUV has therefore been redefined to fit the modern-day pursuits of any man or woman who dares to venture into the Great Outdoors alone.

Granted, there may still be a challenge against other models as the Subaru Outback Wilderness for instance is still a vehicle Mazda finds themselves being compared to most completely. One thing to consider as well is that the CX-50 utilizes a six-speed automatic transmission over the typical off-road CVT. So it can still hold gears if you want it to. Hopefully, these are the types of differences that will put Mazda back on the off-road map. For all to ride off into the sunset with.

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