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Four Injured and One Dead was Found Because of the Shooting at Meadowview Park

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On Sunday afternoon, one person was killed and other four injured because of a shooting at Meadowview Park on 24th Street in Sacramento. Sacramento police are investigating the case.

According to police, they informed about the shooting on Sunday at 2:45 p.m. Police officers found one victim dead at the scene. In addition, police officers found 4 total victims of the shooting. These additional victims went to area hospitals with the help of other people who were in the park at the time of a crime. According to the police, four of the victims do not have any life threatening injuries.

The Meadowview Park Shooting Took Place at a Music Video Shoot

Police told that a group of people got together to the park to film a music video when the gunfire began.

There was not any released suspect as of Wednesday. Investigators are trying to explore if gangs are to blame for this shooting or not. Anyone who has information about the shooting should call the Sacramento Police Department at (196) 264-5471.

Meadowview Park is very close to the southern end of the city of Sacramento. It’s a local staple, which makes this shooting all the more disturbing. Families use the park quite often, and it’s truly unfortunate that they might now feel unsafe.

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