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Tips To Increase Your Value As a Truck Driver

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Marketing yourself with skills and value as a truck driver requires some thought. In order to continue working in a trucking company, you need to prove that you have a full understanding of all rules and regulations.

These tips apply to both rookie and professional drivers and will help increase your value in the industry.

Higher Value = Higher Worth

Valued truck drivers have a higher percentage of income. A truck driver that has effectively marketed themselves as valuable can also see consistent work based on reliability, a clean record, and willingness to advance their knowledge in the industry. Companies want to hire someone that can hit the ground running – and they’ll pay for it too.

Staying up-to-date on changing laws and regulations only helps to develop the necessary skills for consistent and well-paying work.

Choosing the Right School

Depending on where you received your certifications can be a make-or-break factor with most employers. Also, most companies won’t hire you without experience. If you went to a school that is not reputable, an employer will search elsewhere.

Reputable schools offer high levels of driving time, have a solid foundation and reputation, and can help you find work after you graduate. The right school offers a huge leg-up when showing the value of your education!

CDL Endorsements and Furthering Education

You have obtained your CDL license and you are looking to gain more out of your career. CDL endorsements are a great way to obtain the value that you are looking for.

Taking further steps by continuing your education is a great way to show that you are fully knowledgable of the industry. Also, once you have obtained your CDL license, you can move into more specific sections of trucking. There are plenty of resources where you can find more specific routes within the trucking industry. If you show your employer that you are taking the necessary steps to grow in your education, then your employer will take the necessary steps to make sure you grow with the company.

Maintaining a Clean Record


Whether you are fresh out of school, or a seasoned road cowboy, accidents happen. Having your license for three months or thirty years doesn’t matter if it has any blemishes. This is looked at as a liability for most hiring managers.

If you have a record of accidents or multiple issues with your load, then a company will pass on your application for a driver with a clean record. A company would rather spend the extra money rewarding a driver for maintaining a clean record than they would for drivers with increased insurance rates.

Value Comes From Knowledge

The industry is constantly changing. From the latest technology in trucks to shifting state regulations, it’s good to keep ahead above the water. A major leg up is to simply be open to adapting. Adapting to rapidly changing scenarios shows your value to an employer. They can trust you to make the right decisions.

Professional Image = Professional Value

If you have the credentials to be a great asset to a company – show it. Many people live out of their vehicles, but a professional truck driver is still a professional. Good hygiene will keep you in the seat for a long time. During the interview, your employer will take note of your presentation. If you look like you’ve lived in a car for three months, then good luck. If you show up clean-shaven and well dressed, then that shows your employer that you treat the job with the same respect you would anywhere else.

Value in Dependability

Other employees might not take the job as seriously as you. The trucking industry is no different from any other in the case of no-shows and call-outs. Don Providing dependability, especially when making up for other employees, shows a company that you are willing to do the necessary tasks to grow.

Taking these steps will secure yourself within the industry. Professional industries need professional employees. An employee that has the right knowledge, attitude, appearance provides value.

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