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Automated Trucking: Not Close Enough

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Automated trucking has been on the minds of many large trucking businesses. The new trucking crisis has shed some light on the potential automation proposal. unfortunately, the ones in charge haven’t put their sights on the trucking industry quite yet. As of right now, even automated Uber/Lyft services are a ways away.

Trucking Has Its Own Set of Standards

This isn’t to put down the use of AI, but unfortunately, big-rigs adhere to a higher level of safety standards than even taxi drivers or Uber/Lyft personnel. As trucks are supposed to set the safety standards for US roads, there is a level of thinking that goes beyond what normal taxis can handle….at the current time. Automated trucking can be useful if and only when it presents itself as a safer alternative to the current methods in place.

Tier-4 AI was Supposed To Be Here by Now

Artificial Intelligence proficiency is measured in tiers. The first having almost all control from the person. The second having less control. The third is almost completely operational on its own. The fourth is the standard that many AI enthusiasts are looking for: complete control over the vehicle by an AI. Unfortunately, we were supposed to see tier-4 by the end of 2019, and many scientists have stated that we aren’t even close to it. Even some folks over at VW are saying a fully automated driving system could be next to impossible.

The Current Trucking Crisis Hasn’t been Enough To Reshape the Industry

The projected new trucker dilemma has been in the minds of everyone since the start of 2018. 2019 proved to be no better and 2020 is on the downward track. This spells a lot of doom for many within the industry as many small businesses have closed down and many large-scale businesses are taking a huge hit. Still, this has not created the required intrigue within the trucking ecosystem to warrant a complete industry shift. With AI so far away, many large-scale businesses have it in the back of their minds to replace the dwindling interest. Many new truckers still face the basic disappointments of trucking: long times away, aggressive traffic, and health stresses.

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