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Two Men Arrested in Bombing that Damaged a Church

You are currently viewing Two Men Arrested in Bombing that Damaged a Church
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Two men, James Towles, 50, and Russell Altheide, 65 are the two suspect bombers in Stockton, CA. Meantime, the San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies are trying to find any items that could be in use for explosives. This could be at a home related to the two bombers.

Two Men Face Damning Charges

Facing charges include possession of explosives, felony hit and run with injury, possession of cocaine, and possession of “slungshot” illegal are the charges Towles is accused of. Multiple charges including possession of explosives and conspiracy to commit a crime is what Altheide faces.

An incident where a person was caught on camera throwing an explosive at a church on Alpine Avenue and Delaware Avenue on Saturday is related to the ongoing investigation. After a celebration of life event and causing minor damage to the church is when the incident did occur. This is what the deputies said.

The suspect could have been at the church for the celebration before getting into an argument with other church members. This is according to the authorities.

Towles and Altheide are possibly suspects according to investigators. 

Deputies said Towles drove a red car and that won’t yield for a traffic stop before leading deputies on a chase. The chase ended after the car rear-ended a truck near Ryde Avenue and Alpine Avenue. Then Towles went in custody afterward.

A suspicious device that looks like an explosive in the car found by authorities. But they were eventually able to dispose of it.

Deputies asked for help from the FBI to search a home related to the suspects along the 2400 block of West Sonoma Avenue on Monday. Then they were able to take an inventory of items that could be used for explosives.

Deputy Alan Sanchez of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday said they were cleaning out a storage until near Highway 99 and 8-Mile Road. This was related to these arrests. However, business in the area has been evacuated while the storage unit is searched.

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