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Women March Continues after Trump administration

You are currently viewing Women March Continues after Trump administration
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Women from across Greater Sacramento in the California region came out in droves for the Women’s March around the Capitol this past Saturday. This is an epic march with all kinds of women coming together in solidarity. Many have similar goals that affect them in a group and part of this complex web of humanity.

Women March Went Virtual for the Most Part

However, the march did look a bit little different this year as it was mostly virtual in a pre-recorded video. Yet, a handful of women remain inside of their cars for what is called a caravan around the Capitol.

March Supporters Were Excited About the Opportunity to Participate

I could not wait to march and never missed one. I was so excited. Because I’ve marched every year. This year, everything just paid off. We are making a difference. Ericka Davis is a supporter of Woodland.

Because of the pandemic, taping signs on their cars took place rather than marching.

Fifth Year in a Row for March

This year, marks the fifth year that women like Kelly Rowe have participated in a march for women’s rights.

Proudly, Rowe said, she found her voice in 2016 and she is using it.

President Donald Trump Inspired this Grand Tradition!

The day after the inauguration of former President Donald Trump was the impetus for this tradition.

I’m so happy, it’s a total celebration. I feel so liberated. I would think the world is going to be a better place now, David said. Maybe…but Joe Biden. No Bueno! Trump yes for sure.

The Marchers Apparently are Team Joe Biden

Women have said this march has felt this a bit more like a celebration than in past year. Now, it’s just days after President Joe Biden took office.

I think it’s the kind of crisis that causes alot of growth. It’s been traumatic for these last four years for so many people. Not for Trump supporters! I can say that! Rowe said she feels like a lot of good things have come from it. Not a Joe Biden in the White House in my opinion.

However, many say their work is far from over.

Equal Rights for Women

Just because Joe and Kamala are in charge doesn’t mean the women have equal rights and the previous administration is now out. This does not mean women are paid the same. That doesn’t mean we have racial justice for all, said Scarlette Bustos. Bustos is the lead coordinator for Women’s March Sacramento.


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