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Gavin Newsom Announces More Funding as a Firefighting Year Looms

You are currently viewing Gavin Newsom Announces More Funding as a Firefighting Year Looms
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Governor Gavin Newsom has announced additional money for wildfire firefighting. On Monday, he said the money is needed ahead of what’s expecting to be a challenging wildfire year. Well, that’s obvious with it being hotter and hotter every year. Some experts said it’s climate change-related. Others say it chemically engineered to cause hotter temperatures. Regardless of the theories, something is not right here and very suspect.

Gavin Newsom Authorizes Millions for Firefighting Budget, Extra Firefighters

Newsom, using emergency fund authorization, has approved $80.74 million for 1,399 additional firefighters with Cal Fire to “bolster fuels management and wildfire response efforts,” his office said in a news release.

Second Dry Year in a Row

The state of California is well into its second consecutive dry year with far-below average snowpack and low reservoir storage, this is according to the California Department of Water Resources. The whole state, from Los Angeles to Redding, is suffering.

Gavin Newsom: Emergency Funding is Highly Beneficial and Critical to the State of California

Ahead of the summer, the emergency funding will give fire crew and fire engine staffing and support eight understaffed existing fire crews. Moreover, it will allow for the early hiring and training of fire personnel for fuel management.

Waiting for the Next Crisis to Hit

“Climate change is making what is hot hotter and what is dry drier, it will leave us with world-shattering, record-breaking temperatures. As a result, there are devastating wildfires threatening our communities,” Newsom said in a prepared statement about the critical situation. “Moreover, we are just waiting for the next crisis to hit – therefore this funding will support our brave firefighters to save lives as they work to prevent and tackle ruinous wildfires.”

Year-Round Wildland Workforce

California’s U.S. senators and almost two-dozen representatives asked the Agriculture and interior departments to transition their agencies. As a result, the funding announcement comes. Therefore, this is transition has occurred as their agencies go to a year-round wildland workforce. It is due to blazes no longer being limiting to traditional fire seasons.

Comprehensive Wildfire and Forest Resilience Strategy

Gavin Newsom has called for $1 billion to go toward a “comprehensive wildfire and forest resilience strategy.” This is based on Newson’s $227 billion budget proposal in January. Moreover, upping the speed and scope of forest and wildland management and expanding the use of prescribed fire. However, this is what is in this plan.

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